Women’s Help, Hope, and Healing Workshop-LDS

Teri Cole, LPC, Manager WVCC

  • Tuesday’s 7-9 PM, September 19th - October 24th
“I begin to feel worthless—then I feel shame for thinking I’m worthless”

The Women’s Help, Hope, and Healing Workshop-LDS is an LDS focused approach for healthier relationships with self, others, or God. The workshop helps women find joy as they address emotional, spiritual, and mental roadblocks and learn how to establish healthy boundaries.

The workshop is a general help approach and covers issues many LDS women face, including depression, anxiety, or a general “stuck feeling.” Many women attending this workshop have experienced loss, suffered abuse, endured adversity, dealt with a spouse’s addiction, faced the loneliness of being single, divorced, widowed, or lacked inner peace. Many women benefit from attending the Help, Hope, and Healing Workshop-LDS even if they have not experienced a specific trauma.

Many couples attending this workshop have faced challenging life issues: a childhood history of abuse or trauma, spouse infidelity or addiction, mental or physical health issues, second marriage, or traumatic losses.

“I feel like I’m always chasing happiness”

The workshop’s group dynamic fosters sharing, insights, and perspectives which can be more effective than individual counseling. A group approach leads to greater self-awareness and increased feelings of self-worth.

“I feel stuck, I want to move on, but I don’t know how…”
  • Discovering personal identity
  • Identifying losses and traumas
  • Assessing strengths and weaknesses
  • Establishing healthy boundaries
  • The power of forgiveness for self and others
  • Choosing your attitude
“I want to forgive, but my heart just can’t…”

All Workshops are confidential. and follow the rules governing licensed therapy in the State of AZ, including confidentiality. Teri is a Licensed Professional Counselor. All clients must fill out an adult application for counseling as well as a participation contract.

All workshop candidates must speak to a WVCC representative before beginning any workshop

  • Six weeks, 2 hours each week (Reading and writing work outside of the workshop)
  • Workbook included
  • Cost is $390 - $100 non-refundable Deposit due 9/15 (applies towards tuition)
  • (payment options available)
  • Anyone over 18 can attend
  • Fill out the form or call 602.842.4625 to register